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These are the winners of our contests.
Feel free to peruse and congratulate the artists!




Welcome to the Metroid Group!


The biggest fan group for the badass Metroid series from Nintendo.
This group is one of few that does not accept vulgar artwork. So you and Samus can feel safe here. No porn whatsoever. :thumbsup:

Before you join, make sure you read over the submission rules below.

...and be sure to geek out.


:bulletblue: How to Join

:bulletblue: Submission Rules

:bulletblue: Contests

:bulletblue: How to Run Your Own Group

:bulletblue: Why my Groups Don't Do "Quality Control"


Our Group's Metroid Collaboration:

Metroid Collaboration by Zimeta





:star: And the winners are... :star:

:bulletblue: First Place :bulletblue:

What the judges were saying: We really enjoyed Phobos-Romulus's simple but functional Zerio Suit design! The details like the cooling system and oxygen inlet really show how this suit would work within the Varia suit. We also enjoyed the increase in Samus' muscle mass and Justin Bailey colors. Amazing work!

:bulletblue: Second Place :bulletblue:

What the judges were saying: The HR Giger vibe to this version of the zero suit by: Omegachaino struck us different yet plausible given the original Metroid's inspiration came from Alien. The complexity and armoring makes sense to protect a more vulnerable Samus within the Varia suit. Also, gotta love that hairstyle!

:bulletblue: Third Place :bulletblue:

What the judges were saying: This outfit by Zesiul displays Samus as an intelligent engineer outside her Varia suit and is a refreshing change of pace. The shoulder pads give a nice retro feel to the outfit and the short hair and tattoo are nice details and the artwork is stunning!

:bulletblue: Concept  :painter:

Zero Suit Redesign

For this contest you'll be redesigning Samus' controversial Zerio Suit. Since half of Metroid fans don't like it, let's see what the members can do with it!

Of course, if you DO like it, feel free to enter anyway just to have some fun!

- Create a new version of Zero Suit Samus. This is the suit/clothes Samus wears within the Varia suit.

- There are only a few stipulations for this: her outfit cannot be overly sexualized. As you know, these are the regular rules of our group.

- You can change Samus' physical appearance as well. She doesn't have to be overly slender -- you can give her more muscle if you so please or even give her a new face/ hair color.

-- The Zero Suit doesn't have to be skin-tight, and in fact it's encouraged that you to find ways to make it as different from the canon one as possible. Have fun with it!

- It can be as simple or complex as you want. If you think a real person would only wear shorts and a tank top in their suit, go for it!

- For inspiration of a more complex zero suit, I suggest looking at Samus' other suits and the Chozo and incorporating elements of those designs into the Zero Suit to make it match the world better.

- You can draw in any style, any medium. Fan fictions are also allowed.

- For Fictions: For fiction writers: You must describe how Samus looks out of her Varia Suit and what clothing she might wear.

- Your entry must be one made for this contest. No old deviations are allowed. No deviations made before [10-27-14] will be accepted.

- Please mention this contest in your description! If you don't I won't be sure whether or not you actually meant to enter your deviation in the contest folder.

- You can enter if you're not a member. Just be sure to mention this contest in your description and give us a link!

- NO tracing, and TRY NOT TO copy. I've seen like, every Metroid art out there, and if you trace, your entry will not be allowed. And anyway, if you copy you're not going to win. Nobody ever votes for a trace.

- NO smudging of official art to make it look painted. Just... don't use official art, please. You have artistic minds, you can do it!

- No fan pairings.

- You may have up to three entries.

- Keep it PG13. Nothing vulgar will be allowed (including fetishes). No extreme gore. No nipples poking through clothing, no boobs the size of Texas. You get the picture.

- When your entry is done, submit it to our Contest 16 - Zero Suit Redesign folder in the gallery! And also comment with a link to it in this blog. That way if you accidentally submitted it to the wrong folder, we can still catch it and put it in the right one.

The winners of the contest will be determined by a panel of judges.

Also, if you're going to be a judge, you're still allowed to make an entry, but of course, you will not be up for winning.


:iconkitsunechibi-chan: :iconzimeta: :iconratscout: :iconmistytang:

To Gain Favor with the Judges:

[X] Effort. It's REALLY easy to tell when someone puts a lot of effort into their work.

[X] Originality - Be creative and think outside the box.

[X] Appeal - don't just draw people standing around doing nothing. Make a scene! Put in some interaction. Make it fun for us to look at.

:star: December 31st, 2014
There will not be an extension. Please use your time wisely!

If anyone is interested in doing an art request for one of the winners, either note the club or comment here~

Features would also be nice if anyone has a subscription!

You can still enter the contest even if you do a prize.

1st place winner gets:

3 fully colored bust requests from: Dorothy-in-oz
A watercolor print to be mailed to you from Malicious-Monkey (backgroundless or with background)
A  llama from: Zimeta
Your artwork will be added to the "Masterpieces" section at: nintendo-fc
Your artwork will be added to the… (Masterpiece Collection).
Your artwork will be added to the… (Winner's Section).

2nd Place winner gets:

2 fully colored bust requests from: Dorothy-in-oz
A watercolor print to be mailed to you from Malicious-Monkey
A  llama from: Zimeta
Your artwork will be added to the "Masterpieces" section at: nintendo-fc
Your artwork will be added to the… (Winner's Section).

3rd Place Winner gets:

A fully colored bust requests from: Dorothy-in-oz
A  llama from: Zimeta
Your artwork will be added to the "Masterpieces" section at: nintendo-fc
Your artwork will be added to the… (Winner's Section).

01.) Zero Suit Redesign: Endocuticle by Malicious-Monkey

02.) Samus Aran new outfit by xkalipso

03.) New Suit Adquired by MasterHandG465

04.) Zero Suit Samus (redesign) by gaijinrocket

05.) Zero Suit Samus by ratscout

06.) Samus Aran- New Suit by Blazeflame14

07.) Samus Aran - redesign zero suit by FrancescaNekoryu

08.) Samus Zero Suit Redesign by Phobos-Romulus

09.) Samus Aran - Zero Suit Redesign by Darkie4Eva

10.) Shamus - ZSS Redesign by Moiderah

11.) Samus Aran- Zero Suit Redesign Contest Entry by Absolhunter251

12.) Samus 00 Suit by SteedAngus

13.) Samus in zero suit -restyling- by CleopatraDiNekomata

14.) Zero-Suit Alternate--for Metroid-Club ContestWritten for metroid-club's Contest 16:
The goal? Redesign Samus’ Zero Suit. And so we go.
A tall figure stood against the wall of an out of the way spaceport as she waited for her latest client, some Federation rep who--ironically enough--didn’t seem to know what galactic-standard time meant. As the minutes drew slowly on, Samus Aran looked down at herself, musing upon her clothing, so often worn yet so rarely seen beneath the armor of her Chozo Battle Suit.
Below all else, a bodysuit the color of desert sand thrummed with living energy against her skin. It covered her entire body down from the neck, thick enough with technology and insulation to soften the lines of her body--amazonian, but lithe and long-limbed--without compromising her essential flexibility.
A sparse exoskeleton of Chozo biometal merged into the bodysuit, almost invisible along the limbs and most of the front--nothing but dark lines and patches lurking below the suit’s surface to mark its presence--

15.) zero suit samus redesign by ninpeachlover

16.) Samus Zero suit redesign by Omegachaino

17.) Zero Suit Redesign by BienThavin

18.) Zero Suit Redesign by Shallowbeliever320

19.) Zero Suit Redesign (Contest) by AndrewMartinD

20.) Samus - Zero Suit Redesign by SoapManpv

21.) Samus Aran - Zero Suit Redesign by Darkie4Eva

22.) Zero Suit Samus Redesign by Zesiul

23.) Zero Suit Samus: Beta Design by Ren-Uzuki

24.) Zero Suit Redesign by JllyGrnGnt

25.) Zero Suit Redesign by DarkeDny
More Journal Entries


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